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Plus Nightstand

Sale price$319.00

This elegant bedroom set combines luxury and sophistication. The Akik Bedroom Set includes a Queen-sized storage bed, headboard, dresser with mirror, and 2 nightstands.

The Queen-sized storage bed provides ample sleeping space while also offering additional storage underneath. This allows you to keep your room organized and easily access your belongings.

The headboard features a sleek design that is mounted behind the bed. It adds a sophisticated touch to the bedroom and provides a supportive surface for relaxing and reading.

The dresser with mirror is a standout piece with its spacious drawers and elegant design. It provides an ideal space for applying makeup or organizing personal items. The large mirror on top adds convenience and creates a more spacious and airy feel to your room.

The 2 nightstands are practical storage spaces that sit conveniently by the bedside. They are perfect for keeping a bedside lamp, books, or other personal items. Their sleek designs add an aesthetic touch to your bedroom.

The Akik Bedroom Set is crafted from durable materials and built with quality craftsmanship. It offers both comfort and style, helping you create a modern and elegant atmosphere.

This set is perfect for those who want to furnish their bedroom in a stunning way and experience a comfortable night's sleep every night.


Wardrop 5 Door

Width: 86"

Height: 87”

Depth: 26"

Wardrop 6 Door

Width: 102"

Height: 87”

Depth: 26"


Width: 24"

Height: 18”

Depth: 18"


Width: 49"

Height: 32”

Depth: 18"

Headboard Width: 75" Height: 55” Depth: 3"
Storage Bed Width: 63" Height: 15” Depth: 81"